Training Branch

One of the objectives of NCRB is to provide training in IT and Finger Print Science essential for capacity building of Police Forces in the country. Training Branch of National Crime Records Bureau has been making every effort towards achieving this goal.

Each year this Branch conducts on an average 60 training programs for Indian Police Officers. Duration of these courses varies from 3 Days to 2 Weeks. Trainings on various topics such as “Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics”, “Information Technology in Law Enforcement”, “Data Analytics”, “Crime Criminal Tracking and Network System”, “CCTNS Technical/Project Management”, “Fake Indian Currency Notes”, “TOT on Finger Print Science”, “Refreshers Course on Fingerprint Science”, “Basic Fingerprint Science”, “Coloured Portrait Building System”, “TOT on Crime in India”, “TOT on Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India”, “TOT on Prison Statistics India”, “Talash Information System”, “Workshop on Automatic Fingerprint Identification System” etc. are conducted regularly as per a training calendar.

NCRB also imparts Training of Trainers (TOT) courses for the capacity building of resource persons for further training of the field officials. Officers of all ranks including senior police officers from States/UTs as well as from Central Police Organizations/Central Armed Police Forces participate in the training programs organized by NCRB.

In-house faculty members are well trained and have a vast teaching experience.NCRB faculty members have been visiting various premier institutes of the country like “SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad”, “RPCTCs”, “CBI Academy”, “LNJN National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science” etc. to conduct workshops and deliver lectures. NCRB also invites eminent guest lecturers from organizations like CBI, NICFS, CERT-In, NTRO, ESRI, NeurIOT and other reputed public/private organizations, specialized in various spheres of IT, Cyber Crime, Digital Forensics, Fingerprint Science etc. to deliver lectures.

New Courses Introduced since 2018-19

Technology in Law Enforcement (SI and above), Workshop on Anti- Human Trafficking (PC to SI/DEO), workshop on Data Analytics (SI and above), Workshop on ICJS (Assistant Public Prosecutors, Judicial Magistrates), Workshop on AFIS (FP Experts from FPBx and CFPB) Sex Offender Registry (PC to SI/DEO).

New Topics Introduced since 2018-19
a. For IT Courses​

Various topics such as Latest trends in Credit Cards and On-line Frauds, Digital Evidences, Legal Framework against Cyber Crime, SOP for collecting Digital Evidence, Data Acquisition from Digital Evidences using Tools, CDR Analysis, Internet Monitoring and Telephone Tapping etc. have been incorporated in the training module. Also, certain Specialized Topics viz, CCTV Footage Analysis , Nigerian Frauds, Case Studies of Successful Investigations, Criminal Information Extraction from Social Media Analysis, Mobile Apps developed by NCRB etc. have been introduced.

b. For Finger Print Courses​

Trainings on topics such as International Comparison Methods of Identical Points Crime Scene Management & Statistical Analysis Digital Photography & IT Acts NAFIS / Live Scanner, Erroneous cases of FP Identification , Nano- Particles in Latent Detection, Attachment of SI(FP) to CBI Academy for two weeks ( Basic Training), Importance of Communication have been included.


Training paradigm has shifted from pure Information Technology courses towards courses essential for better investigation and Policing. Training Branch conducts a T.N.A. (Training Need Analysis) before the commencement of every course. Experience Sharing & Doubt Clearing Sessions are held at regular intervals. More of training sessions on Specialized Topics by experienced faculty are organized. Emphasis is made on Hands-On- Sessions rather than only Theory Sessions. Intensive Assignments are given to trainees (2 weeks or more duration courses). Visits to various specialized units like “Cyber Forensic Unit”, “Delhi Police Control Center”, “FSL Delhi” etc. are organized for the trainees.


The total number of courses conducted by NCRB and number of officers trained up to 31/03/2021 are furnished below : -

Courses Person Courses Person Courses Person Courses Person
823 16006 77 1549 442 16443 1342 33998

This Branch of the Bureau conducts “Training of Trainers” courses for the efficient collection of data for the three Annual Publications of the Bureau viz. Crime in India, Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India and Prison Statistics India. In addition to this, 5,60,507 Police Personnel from the States/UTs were trained on CCTNS by System Integrators.

Regional Computer Police Training Centers

Four RCPTCs (one each in Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Lucknow and Kolkata) conduct similar courses for lower functionaries of Indian Police. These courses at RPCTCs are sponsored by NCRB to facilitate capacity building at regional levels. Training Calendars have been redesigned by introducing courses on latest Technologies like Cyber Crimes etc. Further, Bureau assists in designing block syllabus of the various courses conducted at RCPTCs.

No of Courses Conducted Person Trained
1429 34120

Online Training Courses Conducted from 01st April, 2020 to 31st March, 2021 (During COVID-19 Pandemic)

In the difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning has emerged as an effective option – for both trainees as well as for trainers. NCRB has been conducting online training and webinars for police officers. The topics of the webinars are focused on variety of subjects, which are very much contemporary and relevant for law enforcement agencies in which eminent and distinguished speakers deliver. During the ongoing pandemic, Bureau conducted a total number of 8 Webinars & 20 Online courses.

1. Following Webinars were conducted from 01st April, 2020 to 31st March, 2021.

Webinar Details:

S.No. Webinar Topic
I IBM COGNOS an Aid to Law Enforcement
III AI- an Aid to Investigations
IV Exploring Important Technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies
V Leveraging Technology and Innovation for a Smart Workforce in Police Services
VI Digital Forensics in Crime Investigation- technical, legal and procedural aspects
VII National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS)
VIII Data Science - An Overview of the Landscape and Applications in Law & Order

2. Following Online Courses were conducted from 1st April, 2020 to 31st March, 2021 and participants from various States /UTs were trained.

Online Courses Details:

S.No. Course Name No. of Courses
(i) CCTNS Workshop 2
(ii) Basic CCTNS 5
(iii) IT Support in Investigation & Coordination 1
(vi) Cyber Crime & Digital Forensic-Responder Track 3
(v) Modus Operandi Functionality in CCTNS 1
(vi) TOT on PSI 2
(vii) TOT on Fingerprint Science 2
(viii) TOT on Crime in India and ADSI 3
(ix) Workshop on FICN 1

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