Prison Statistics India

Prison Statistics India is the latest in the series of annual statistical reports being brought out by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). In fact, this is the only annual statistical publication started by NCRB, other publications having been started prior to the constitution of NCRB and continued by NCRB. The data for the report is collected from Prison Headquarters of all States / UTs. Arunachal Pradesh did not have any jail prior to 2009. The first edition of the report pertains to the year 1995 and the latest edition of the report pertains to the year 2021.


The report contains information on

  • prisons;
  • prisoners; and
  • prison infrastructure

Age-group-wise and sex-wise details of prison inmates are available in the report. The above information is presented in graphic / chart format, table format and map format.

Salient Fields:

Keeping in view the importance of adequacy of prison infrastructure for successful reformation of the prisoners, separate chapters on numbers and available capacity of different types of jails, strength and training of jail officials and prison budget and expenditure have been included in the report. To present a comprehensive view on different aspects of prison inmates, sex-wise, age-group-wise and demographic information of prison inmates has been given in separate chapters. Further, distribution of convict and undertrial prisoners by the offences and sentences / period of detention has also been included in the report. Vocational training in prisons and jail inspections and visits are the subject - matters of separate chapters to give adequate focus to the different activities being undertaken by Prison administration for the welfare of prison inmates.

Data Generates Research and Decision Making:

The report is the principal databank available with the Government of India on the subject. The data contained in the report is used by policy makers, NGOs, researchers and public at large. Keeping in view the extensive, and increasing, dependence of various stakeholders on the information contained in the report, we have, on our own initiative, digitised all the editions of the report from 1995 to 2020 and made them available on our website.

Suggestions and Innovations:

Improvement in the contents and presentation of the publication has been our constant endeavour. For example, the presentation of the graphs has been improved. We welcome any suggestion(s) users may like to make to help us in our endeavour.

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