Portrait Building System

Portrait Building System (PBS) help to extract Face components like Head, Eye, Nose, Mouth, Chin etc., described by witness similar to criminal, from the digitized portraits directory and assemble these components to construct face image of accused.

By using PBS, NCRB has been assisting the Investigating Officers of States/UTs Police, CBI and other police agencies by preparing the Portraits of the accused based on the account given by the eyewitnesses.

The application is designed to run under Windows 9X/XP/NT/2K Operating System.

Salient features
  1. Portrait Building System assists to assemble and edit face components.
  2. Using the data of 100 faces user can reconstruct more than1000,00,00 faces.
  3. It uses advance image processing techniques like enhance, stretch, morph, integrate and rotate.
  4. Its supports blurring to remove sharp edges to create pencil sketch which is useful for manual editing.
  5. A digital image is a matrix of Pixels which represent color or gray level. By changing the relative values of Pixels the appearance of the image can be changed.
  6. Horizontal mirroring is supported to create left half of the face from the right half.
  7. The following tools are also available with the application:
  • Change Shape
  • Mirroring
  • Crop resize and paste
  • Text tool
  • Light Brush tool
  • Dark Brush tool
  • Tilt Image tool and
  • Rotate Image tool

Portrait Building System (Black & White) has been implemented in all the State Crime Bureaux and Distirct Crime Records Bureaux. Colour Portrait Building System software is under development and will be released soon.

Success Stories
  1. First time the Portrait Building System was effectively used to construct portrait of the accused in the Rajiv Gandhi murder case.
  2. It was also used to prepare the portrait of suspect in Bahadurgarh Child abuse case in which minor girls between 5-9 years were sexually abused and later on killed by the accused.
  3. Abhishek verma could be traced after seven years of this kidnapping when his portrait was build with help of his childhood photograph.
  4. Portrait building system was effectively used to construct the photographs of the accused in bomb blast cases in Mumbai and Delhi.
  5. It has been successfully used in constructing the portrait of accused of Govindpuri Bus Bomb Blast Case of Delhi as a result the accused Moh. Rafiq Shah has been apprehended from Srinagar.
  6. Investigating officers of Delhi police and CBI are regularly visiting NCRB for preparation of portraits of accused in important cases 
  7. Future Road Map

 Colour Portrait Building System is now at final stage of testing. The Beta version of Portrait Building System has been released at NCRB for testing. The latest version of Portrait Building System will have advance features and wide range of directory of faces.

Updated On: 02/03/2020
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