PMPB Branch

PMPB (Popularization, Master Data Maintenance, Publications and Best Practices) Branch was created in the month of July 2020.  Various tasks assigned to it, are as follows:-

  1. Popularization: - PMPB Branch has been entrusted with the job of popularizing CCTNS Project and various tools developed by NCRB for creating awareness among police personnel and general public.
  1. Master Data Maintenance: -For Master Data Maintenance, codes are assigned to Police Stations, Districts, States, Higher Offices, Circle Offices, Sub Divisional Offices of Police, Zones, Ranges, Acts & Penal Sections and property related masters belonging to CCTNS applications. For allocating codes to location masters (Police Station, Districts, and States etc.) and Acts & Penal Sections, gazette notification are sought from States / UTs along with the masters required to be added in the CCTNS application for authentication purposes . After verification, scripts are created and shared with the concerned States / UTs.
  1. Data Quality: - In the Data Quality, the replica of SDCs (State Data Centre) belonging to States / UTs at NDC (National Data Centre) is accessed to verify whether address, mobile No. , age / date of birth, pin code etc., of the accused are authentic or not. The same replica is used to find the number of missing FIR and No. of Police Station actually sending the data to NDC.  Police Stations sending data to NDC is compared with number  of Police Stations shown by States /UTs in the Pragati Report of CCTNS Project. For missing FIR, it is verified whether FIR No. starts from 1 and the sequence number of FIR is broken or not. These findings are intimated to the respective States / UTs to improve the quality of CCTNS data.
  1. Publications: - PMPB Branch has been entrusted to publish bi-yearly NCRB Journal and yearly Compendium of Best Practices in CCTNS. For NCRB Journal, DGsP and VCs of Universities are requested to contribute articles. After receiving articles, they are sent to referees for their opinions and corrections if any. After corrections, the selected articles are published in the NCRB Journal after approval of the competent authority. For Compendium of best practices Nodal officers of CCTNS of States/UTS are requested to send the best practices and success stories adopted in their States/UTs which are compiled and published on the occasion of CCTNS Best Practices Conference at NCRB.
  1. Conference on Best Practices in CCTNS & ICJS: - PMPB Branch has also been entrusted to make arrangements for conducting Conference on Best Practices in CCTNS & ICJS. Awards will be given for individual Officers as well as States/UTs based on the evaluations of their contributions/performance in CCTNS/ICJS Project implementation during the conference.
  1.  Training on CCTNS: - This Branch is also entrusted with the job of conducting/coordinating with the Training Branch by preparing schedules, arranging faculties and taking classes for training programs and  evaluations, conducted at NCRB, NEPA (North Eastern Police Academy) and States/UTs .


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