Data Centre & Technical Branch (DCT)

The major activities of Data Centre & Technical (DCT) Branch are listed below

  • To build up, update and maintain a secure National Database on crimes, criminals and property which will make available informed, accurate and timely information on-line to all State forces and Central agencies for the purpose of improving day-to-day functioning in terms of crime detection, crime prevention and maintenance of public order.
  • To maintain a secure database on lost and recovered vehicles and provide updating facility to all vehicle counters in the country and border check posts.
  • To provide ‘recovered vehicles’ data for NCRB website from the National Databank of stolen/recovered automobiles.
  • Data center is also hosting servers for different applications used in the bureau like DARPAN– (Network Monitoring System), Business Intelligence tool i.e COGNOS and other servers required for day-to-day use.
  • To maintain a secure database on Fake Indian Currency Notes System (FICN) - It is an online system for compilation of fake Indian currency data. Police, Banks, Investigating agencies, other intelligence agencies and Ministries are stakeholders of this system.
  • To provide test & development environment and hosting of CCTNS server to the development team of CCTNS
  • To provide and maintain Virtual Machines (VM) & data storage to different branches of this Bureau for hosting of software like NMS, BI tools etc.

Other Activities Network Maintenance

Local Area Network (LAN) has been established in the office premises of NCRB covering three levels at Mahipalpur, using UTP and Fiber Optics backbone between each floor and Server room. Each floor has separate switches installed, which in turn interacts with the central switch for the data transfer operations. There are approx 300 Computers and other networking devices availing the LAN services.

Network Management System (NMS) is being used to monitor the health of the network. Further, mechanism also exist to provide shareable space for each section to transfer data from one device to another as per requirement. 

Nodes / locations of high importance viz. training lab etc. are also connected through in-house Wi-Fi network.

Website Maintenance

The website ensures that citizens who seek information and services can do so without having to visit a physical brick-and-mortar government office, and without being constrained by limited office/working hours, by simply visiting the government office’s website from anywhere at any time.

The website of this bureau plays the central role in delivering information & services to its stakeholders. NCRB brings out three annual reports i.e. Crime in IndiaAccidental Deaths & Suicides in India and Prison Statistics India. These reports are principal reference points for police officers, researchers, media & policy makers. NCRB has digitized its annual publication ‘Crime in India’ from 1968 onwards and loaded the same on NCRB website as well as on Government portal. For the above achievement,NCRB was awarded Silver in Open Data Championship category of Digital India Award.

With regards to CCTNS project, the website has a page dedicated to CCTNS project from where states and CCTNS Nodal Officers can download Core Application Software – CAS as well as important FAQs pertaining to CCTNS project. It enables the states to access information timely and at their comfortable time. CCTNS, once fully functional, will allow search for a criminal / suspect on a national data base apart from providing various services to the citizens through Citizen Portal.

The website at present is delivering services to citizen and other governmental organizations through following applications:

  • Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS)
  • Fingerprint Analysis & Criminal Tracing System (FACTS) - A need was felt to computerize finger print records at State and National headquarters for effective maintenance of records and coordinating Crime of inter-state and inter-national criminals.
  • Vahan Samanvay – An online Motor Vehicle Coordination System for coordination of stolen and recovered motor vehicles across the country. Police, RTOs, and Insurance sector are main stakeholders. The general citizen is also benefitted with this system
  • Fake Indian Currency Notes System (FICN) - It is an online system for compilation of fake Indian currency data. Police, Banks, Investigating agencies, other intelligence agencies and Ministries are stakeholders of this system.
  • Fire Arms Coordination System - This system is used for coordination of missing/stolen and recovered firearms.

Email Services

An E-mail Server commissioned at DCT branch, is currently being used to provide E-Mail accounts to officers and officials of NCRB along with CCTNS, Nodal officers of States / UTs. Almost all the officials/officers and sections have been assigned a unique e-mail address enabling them to send/receive e-Mails and attachments as per their requirements. The address provided is in the format username[at]ncrb[dot]gov[dot]in. Further, Bureau’s e-mail services are available at secured https URL as well as the same may be configured on mobile devices of senior officers to apprise him e-mail communication facility on the go.

Internet Browsing

All the Computers installed at NCRB are connected with backbone leased line (MTNL) 64 Mbps bandwidth currently over NICNET. Further, Internet services have been extended through dedicated proxy servers. A redundant Internet connection is also being used to provide Internet services to all the users within the Bureau for official work. Further, network filtering is also applied as per policy decided by the senior officers.

e-Security Solution

To secure the critical servers and database of NCRB from any kind of threat, risk and vulnerability from internal or external user, NCRB has deployed various security products like firewall, IPS, Anti-virus etc. 
A dedicated server has been installed with Anti-virus Software. The server automatically downloads the latest anti-virus patches and pushes them to the client machines connected on the network on regular basis. It scans all the connected machines once on daily basis for any virus/worm.

Patch Management Server

A dedicated Patch Management Server has been configured in this branch. The server automatically downloads the required patches and pushes them to the connected clients and server machines for patching them.

Virtual infrastructure

Bureau is in the process of migrating to virtual servers to utilize the available hardware resources to the maximum. In-house Virtual machines are provided to users as per Application requirement on need basis.

Telephone System

Telephone being the easiest mode of communication in any organisation, the job of providing in-house & external telephone connectivity to all members of NCRB has also been entrusted to this branch as late as 2007. The officers of the Bureau are provided with the facility of making outgoing calls to external agencies through the dedicated EPABX system; in addition, a few officers as per their requirement have also been provided with direct lines for communication with outside agencies. The Bureau has one PRI Line connection from MTNL for extending all its telephone facilities to its staff and officers.


To procure necessary IT hardware, software as per requirement of various divisions in NCRB and monitor their maintenance and performance

24 x 7 Control Room

To act as a Control Room for the organisation round the clock.


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