Discharge of Functions

Central Citizen Services

       A Web Portal has been created by NCRB for the benefit of citizens. It hosts four citizen services at the national level, namely ‘Missing Person Search’, ‘Generate Vehicle NOC’, ‘Proclaimed Offenders Information’ and ‘Locate Nearest PS. This portal can be accessed through URL ‘digitalpolicecitizenservices.gov.in’ or through a link in the existing ‘Digital Police Portal’.

a) Missing Person Search: is a citizen service through which people can search at the convenience of their homes for their missing kin against the national database of recovered unidentified persons/ dead bodies. This has benefitted helpless relatives of missing persons and saved them from running around different police stations, Welfare Homes, morgues etc. in search of them, since details such as photographs are available in CCTNS and will now be accessible to citizens through this portal.

This search allows citizens to enter the search criteria and match the same with either that of unidentified found persons or unidentified recovered dead bodies across the country. As the search is through parametrized query, the accuracy of fetched results will be quite high.

b) Generate Vehicle NOC: This service allows citizens to ascertain the status of a vehicle before its purchase, as to whether it is involved in any crime or a stolen vehicle. The search could be made against a national database based on registration number or chassis number or engine number or type, make or model or any combination of these parameters. One can also generate and download the relevant NOC, required by the RTO before effecting the change/transfer of ownership. The present system of visiting physically to the NCRB office is no longer required now.

c) Proclaimed Offenders: On the direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, a portal was created at national level for showing the details of Proclaimed Offenders to make the effective inter-state cooperation, efficient Law Enforcement and seek Citizen help. Photograph of the proclaimed offenders with name, relative details, age, gender, State, District, PS and date of court order are available on the portal. Citizen can search the Proclaimed Offender on the portal and report to the Police Station on Police Control Room about him/her, to alert the Police.

d) Locate Nearest Police Station: GIS based mobile app that facilitates to locate, contact and navigate to nearest police station, in emergency situations. App is preloaded with authentic Longitude and Latitude of police stations as collected from all States/UTs police department. The app displays police stations within 20km radius while connected to internet; otherwise displays all police stations. On selecting a particular police station, app will display particulars of the selected police station along with options to call &navigate to that police station. This app is very much useful to general public as it has authentic GIS information of police stations (unlike the one available in Google Maps, in which anyone can add a point/police stations).

National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP)

       NCRB has been appointed as Central Nodal agency by MHA to manage technical and operational functions of the online cyber-crime reporting portal and associated work of Cyber Crime Prevention against Women & Children (CCPWC) scheme under the supervision and administrative control of Cyber & Information Security (CIS) Division of MHA. National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) was launched on 30.08.2019 by MHA in coordination with the Bureau. Citizen Helpline with Short Code 155260 for NCRP has been implemented in all States/UTs. An MOU was signed with NCMEC for sharing Cyber Tipline Report and integrated with NCRP for disseminating to the States|UTs. NCRB developed a tool to download Cyber Tipline Reports from NCMEC, USA, segregate them State/UT-wise and automatically push to the NCRP for sharing with States/UTs. On 13.08.2018 NCRB has been empowered by MHA through a Gazette notification to issue Notices to ISPs u/s 79(3)(b) of IT Act to block access/ remove objectionable content.



National Cybercrime Training Centre (NCTC)

NCRB has been entrusted to establish a National Cybercrime Training Centre (NCTC) for developing Massive Open Online courses (MOOC) platform to offer professional quality e-learning courses to all law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, judges and other stake holders. To facilitate such a vast training programme, NCRB has developed CyTrain Portal (https://cytrain.ncrb.gov.in) for providing online training courses to LEAs on Cybercrime investigation across the country. The courses are designed under six tracks like Responders Track, Forensic Track, Investigation Track, Intelligence Track, Management Track (for senior Officers) and Judiciary / Prosecution Track.

Officers/Police personnel having govt domain email can register themselves in this CyTrain Portal instantly. Allowed email domains: .nic.in / .gov.in / upcyberpolice.in. / police.rajasthan.in.

Non-government email-ids will also be permitted in the portal as an interim measure to continue MOOC services, provided the registration requests of individual officers are duly forwarded by CCTNS Nodal Officers of your State/UT to nctc[at]ncrb[dot]gov[dot]in



Crime Multi-Agency Centre (Cri-MAC)

NCRB has recently launched Cri-MAC application for flashing alerts/ Crime bulletins on important matters of crime and for inter-unit communication among disjointed police units across the country. The concept of Cri-MAC was coined during the DGsP/IGsP Conference held at Tekanpur (MP) in January, 2018 on the lines of Multi Agency Centre (MAC) of the Intelligence Bureau. It has been integrated with the CCTNS application at the backend so that related FIR details can be fetched directly from the system on click of a button.

There are seven scrolling windows for sharing crime bulletins on important and critical crime events such as jail breaks, major heinous crimes, important seizure and recoveries, jail releases of notorious criminals, major human trafficking cases, information on wanted/arrested notorious criminals and High Alerts like Hue and Cry Notices. Police officers can upload information by selecting a crime category (window), simply by entering relevant information (gist) available with them. They can also upload attachments such as photographs and other documents.

There is a provision to make searches - FIR-based and text-based – in different windows over legacy data. Further, for operational or logistic communication needs, the application offers two modes of communication: E-mails can be sent to any Police Station along with attachments after selecting state, district and police station names from the drop-down menu; and SMSs can be sent to any police personnel after selecting state, district and police station names from the drop-down menu.



Automatic email alerts to Police Stations

    NCRB started a service of sending alerts through emails to the concerned Police Stations on automated matching of Missing Persons with Unidentified Found Persons (UIFP)/Dead Bodies (UIDB); and on automated matching of Stolen Vehicles with Seized/ Recovered Vehicles, based on national level databases under CCTNS project. This matching algorithm was developed and deployed at National Data Centre (NDC) at Shastri Park in New Delhi. The algorithm provides probable matches on Missing Persons and exact matches on Stolen Vehicles automatically and sends them as alerts through emails to respective PSs located either in the same or different States/UTs for further verification. This service will hugely benefit in detecting cases of Missing Persons. This also benefits IOs in detecting vehicle theft cases and also in cleaning Malkhanas at the police stations.

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