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Name of the Event / आयोजन का नाम

Event Date / दिनांक

Celebration of NCRB 34th Inception Day 11.03.2019
Welcoming of NCRB new Director Shri Ram Phal Pawar, IPS 18.12.2018
Conference on CCTNS Good Practices and Success Stories 29.10.2018 & 30.10.2018
Meeting on draft ADSI-2016 Report and Proforma revision 18.07.2018
Review Meeting of CCTNS Nodal Officers 27.08.2018
Presentation on CCTNS before the Law Commission of India 09.08.2018
Meeting of Proposal of IT Act Amendment 03.08.2018
CCTNS Nodal Officers Meeting 26.06.2018
XIX All India Conference of Directors of FingerPrint Bureaux held at Hyderabad 21.06.2018 & 22.06.2018
4th International Yoga Day Celebration at NCRB 21.06.2018
Meeting with Joint Secretary 09.06.2018
FICCI Smart Policing Award 2018 May, 2018
Network Committee meeting 23.05.2018
CCTNS review and Follow up action meeting 22.05.2018
Creation & Maintenance of National Database and Profiling of Sexual Offenders 04.05.2018

Revision of Human Trafficking and Cyber Crimes Proforma

Meeting of committee on restructuring of MHA 13.04.2018
NCRB Celebrated its 33rd Inception Day 11.03.2018
Meeting with stakeholders of NCRB publications data users 22.01.2018
'Digital Forensics & Information Technology in Law Enforcement' and 'Finger Print Science in Law Enforcement' under ITEC/SCAAP
Glimpse of Indian culture and heritage Study tours to Agra and Jaipur
Release of Crime in India 2016 - Statistics by Hon'ble Union Home Minister 30.11.2017
Inauguration of NCRB new building at Mahipalpur by Hon'ble Union Home Minister 08.09.2017
Launch of Digital Police Portal by Hon'ble Union Home Minister 21.08.2017
57th CCTNS Workshop 20.07.2017 to 21.07.2017
Observance of International Yoga Day 21.06.2017
Crime Data Analytics Workshop 12.05.2017
XVIII All India Conference of Directors of FingerPrint Bureaux held at HPA, Madhuban, Haryana 30 & 31.03.2017
Celebration of NCRB 32nd Inception Day 11.03.2017