One of the objectives of NCRB is to provide training in IT and Finger Print Science for capacity building in Police Forces in the country. Training Branch of National Crime Records Bureau has been striving hard for achieving this objective.

Each year this branch conducts on an average 22 training programmes for Indian Police Officers. Duration of these courses vary from 3 Days to 1 week. Training in subjects CCTNS, Advanced Fingerprint Science, Network & e-Security, Coloured Portrait Building System, Operators Course for Statistical Software Crime in India & ADSI, Operator Course for Prison Statistics India etc. are conducted. NCRB also conducts the courses on "Train the Trainer" for development of training resource persons in Police. Programmes conducted in NCRB are attended by officers of all ranks including senior IPS officers from States / Union Territories as well as from Central Police Organizations and have been very well received.

Besides training Indian Police Officers, NCRB also conducts 12 weeks’ and 8 Weeks’ training programmes for Foreign Police Officers under Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation and Special Commonwealth African Assistance Programme of Ministry of External Affairs as well as TCS of Colombo Plan of Ministry of Finance. Different programmes viz., Advanced Programme in Computer Networking and Security ,Advanced Fingerprint Science, IT in Law Enforcement, Advanced Course on IT in Law Enforcement and Fingerprint Science and IT are conducted for these officers. On an average more than 100 officers attend this programme every year from 22 to 25 countries. As part of the programme these officers spend about 7 days on study tour to Hyderabad, Jaipur and Agra to interact with senior police officers, visit police stations to see actual functioning of Indian Police as well as to study various best practices followed by Forensic experts in these cities for crime detection. These study tours also provide an opportunity to these officers to see various facets to Indian culture and heritage.

Besides having above courses, NCRB also conducts some special courses for Indian as well as Foreign Officers.

NCRB also conducts special workshops for police officers of Delhi and Tamil Nadu Police undergoing recruitment training.

In-house faculty is a right mix of technology and experience that provides right blend for imparting training. Training faculty has also been visiting institutions like National Police Academy as well as various States to conduct workshops and deliver lectures. NCRB also invites persons who specialize in various spheres of computers, cyber crime and forensics and finger print science to deliver lectures for trainees attending courses. Senior officers of Ministry of Home Affairs, State Police, NIC & DIT have also been invited to interact with Trainee Officers on subjects of their specialization. Along with the change in technology and user requirements, this branch strives to keep changing the methodology and subject of training. Video based training was introduced during this year’s Foreign Police Officers’ training. Foreign Police Officers this year were given input on spoken Hindi so that they are able to interact with local public. Training programmes on Statistical applications developed by NCRB like Crime in India, Accidental and Suicides in India and Prison Statistics have been introduced and included in the annual calendar.

Regional Computer Police Training Centres

Four RCPTCs in Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Lucknow and Kolkata conduct similar courses for lower functionaries of Indian Police. These centres are being fully sponsored by NCRB to facilitate capacity building at regional levels. NCRB provides funds to these centres for faculty, stationery, training material and infrastructure including computer hardware, software, networking devices, UPS, furniture, projectors etc.

Training Facility

NCRB has two fully air conditioned training halls of capacity 28 and 24 respectively. There are two computer labs with 20 and 24 computers that are networked. Internet facility is available in both labs for trainees attending courses.


Training Branch also possesses a library with books and journals on various subjects can be used by trainees during their training in NCRB.