Data Centre & Technical Branch (DCT)



The major activities of Data Centre & Technical (DCT) Branch are listed below



Data Centre Activities

  • To build up, update and maintain a secure National Database on crimes, criminals and property (CCIS application) which will make available informed, accurate and timely information on-line to all State forces and Central agencies for the purpose of improving day-to-day functioning in terms of crime detection, crime prevention and maintenance of public order.

  • To update, maintain and build up a secure database of lost and recovered vehicles and provide online updating and search facility to all police stations in the country.

  • To Host the FICN application and database for online entry and search of records from anywhere in the country.

  • AFIS Fingerprint database and application are hosted at data centre

  • To provide hosting environment and virtual machines for various software like Bugzilla, SVN Server, Darpan Network Monitoring System, testing and development environment for CCTNS and in-house development of various applications

  • It provides ‘recovered vehicles’ data for NCRB website from the National Databank of stolen/recovered automobiles.

  • To procure necessary IT hardware, software as per requirement of various divisions in NCRB and monitor their maintenance and performance

  • To act as a Control Room for the organisation round the clock.

  • In addition to above this branch also providing data communication facilities

Other Activities

Network Maintenance


Local Area Network (LAN) has been established in the office premises of NCRB covering four levels in East Block-VII and Training Wing at East Block-IX with 200 nodes using Fiber Optic backbone between the two blocks. Each level has a separate switch installed, which in turn interacts with the central switch for the data transfer operations.

A network Management server is being used to monitor the health of the network and provide shareable space for each section, which is being used by the section to provide information about their activities.

Website Maintenance


At present, NCRB website hosted at NIC server is providing following information:


  • CCIS MLe

  • Photogallery

  • Annual Publication

  • Crime in India

  • Prison Statistics

  • Accidental Death & Suicide

  • Vehicle enquiry

  • Missing Persons

  • Training Activities

  • Tender Notices

  • Central Finger Print Bureau

Email Services


An E-mail Server commissioned at communication branch, is currently being used to provide E-Mail accounts to local users over the network. Almost all the officials/officers and sections have been assigned a unique e-mail address enabling them to send/receive E-Mails and attachments as per their requirements. The address provided is in the format
Internet Browsing


The machines connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) commissioned at NCRB are being provided with facility of Internet Browsing through Proxy Server installed at DCT branch. The authorized users can search for requisite information from the Internet for day-to-day use. For browsing NCRB has taken 100 Mbps leased line circuit between NIC and NCRB from MTNL.


Communication is like life blood in any organization. With the facilitation in IT the organization is able to host Home Page for both formal & informal communication across an organization. This Home Page acts as a platform for exchange of views and ideas and benefit from each other.
NCRB homepage provides a forum to all the members of NCRB family to stay in touch and share information of mutual interest. Efforts are made to regularly update homepage. 

e-Security Solution


To secure the critical servers and database of NCRB from any kind of threat, risk and vulnerability from internal or external user, NCRB has deployed various security products like firewall, IPS, Anti virus etc. A list of e-security's Do’s and Don’ts have also been displayed in the various branches of NCRB to aware about the e-security to staff of NCRB. Policy for Internet, email, router etc has also been circulated to all internal staff to use the services judiciously.

Virus Cleaning


A dedicated server has been installed with Anti-virus Software. The server automatically downloads the latest anti-virus patches and pushes them to the client machines connected on the network on regular basis. It scans all the connected machines once on daily basis for any virus/worm.

Patch Management Server


A dedicated Patch Management Server has been configured in this branch. The server automatically downloads the required patches and pushes them to the connected clients and server machines for patching them.


Telephone System


Telephone being the easiest mode of communication in any organisation, the job of providing in-house & external telephone connectivity to all members of NCRB has also been entrusted to this branch as late as 2007. All the officers of the Bureau are provided with the facility of making outgoing calls to external agencies through the dedicated EPABX system; in addition, a few officers as per their requirement have also been provided with direct lines for communication with outside agencies.



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